Dallas Green Building Post-Construction IAQ Clearance Testing for 804.2 Certificate of Occupancy

Dallas IAQ Green Building Clearance Testing for the 804.2 Ordinance

Several years ago, Dallas established an Indoor Air Quality test for new and renovated buildings which pertain to the VOC levels and general indoor air quality in accordance with Ordinance 804.2 for Post Construction & Pre-Occupancy Baseline IAQ Testing.

Originally it was much more complicated to perform, but later the ordinance was amended to having VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels at less than 500 micrograms per cubic meter. ( < 500 ug / m^3)



Please provide the following information:

  • Physical address of the site including Suite # if applicable
  • Square footage and number of floors
  • Nature of the facility (office building, restaurant, etc.) and the Name so it can be more easily located upon arrival
  • How soon you need the survey
  • How far along the construction is as far as the punch list is concerned. This is IMPORTANT because if you only have half the electrical working, no HVAC, the place is swarming with subcontractors then performing the test may be impossible
  • Who will be onsite as certain kinds of work (sanding, drilling, etc. ) can either interfere with the results or impede the ability to assess the indoor air quality. It would be unfortunate to be charged twice because some of the above was overlooked. See below for more tips.



  • Use low-VOC paints and in cases where you have to use oil based paints and stains, try to do those earlier in the construction phase so that they have more time to outgas.
  • When it is warmer outside, run the HVAC system to help flush the air (particularly if you are able to dilute it with makeup air)  and / or keep at least two doors that are diagonal from each other in the facility to create a cross draft through the building. Depending on what phase of construction you are in, how easy it is to access the building, the local neighborhood, etc. it is good to balance this with necessary physical security measures to protect your workers and the property.
  • When it is cooler outside, running the HVAC on heat can help as well. In general, outgassing happens faster the WARMER and DRIER the air.
  • In rooms that have heavier use of epoxy paints, stains on wood, oil base on trim or other strong odorous solvents, keep the doors open when possible to assist in flushing out the room.
  • Time the survey so that you have the best chance of passing. If it has been a few weeks or more since the finish out, the chances are very good.


We work with the following list of Dallas Green Third Party Building Providers: (latest update April 2020)

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Dallas Green Building IAQ Indoor Air Quality Clearance Testing Post-Construction for 804.2 Certificate of Occupancy