Environmental, Electromagnetic & Biomedical Consulting: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston

Environmental, Electromagnetic & Biomedical Consulting: Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston

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Joel-Anthony Gray:  CIH, CSP, BSEE, MAC, AARST-NRPP Certified Professional

Environmental / Electromagnetic / Biomedical Consulting Detective

Joel-Anthony Gray is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Honors at the University of Texas at Dallas with a Minor in Nanotechnology. Completed coursework has included intensive classes in Electromagnetics, RF Design, Communication Systems and Signals & Systems and he has had extensive experience in troubleshooting a broad variety of technical problems, particularly EMI / RF interference issues with industrial and biomedical equipment. In this vein, he is also a Certified Instrumentation and Radio Technician with a degree in Electronic Telecommunications.

He is also an official member of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and is currently working towards another degree in Biomedical Engineering and his PE license.

In the current pursuit of a Biomedical Engineering degree, he has completed advanced courses in Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Engineering Physiology of the Human Body, Biomaterials and Medical Devices so as to better understand the effects of pathogens, toxins, biochemical reactions, radiation and other environmental factors at the physiological, cellular and bio-molecular levels.

He has also attended an official course for Radiation Safety Officers offered by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and avidly studies Medical Geology.

His company ScanTech Technical Consulting has been testing for radon gas and radiation for over 18 years and blogs regularly on the subject and dangers of radon (and other indoor air quality pollutants) at: http://radontestingdallas.com


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