Mold – Formaldehyde – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing and Mold Inspection / Consulting Services

ScanTech checks the following key indoor air quality level indicators and can give rapid answers onsite – no waiting for lab results in most cases. (radon testing and mold sampling are examples of exceptions)

*EFFECTIVE January 1st, 2019 ScanTech will no longer perform residential testing OR consulting for homeowners / tenants – all services are COMMERCIAL ONLY. Here is a page for resources to other companies and common questions – CLICK HERE.

Joel-Anthony Gray  – Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC) Texas Dept. of Safety & Health Services License # MAC1387

We have been testing formaldehyde in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for years and DO NOT require cutting into your laminate floor or charge $525 – $600 per sample and then make you wait for results like some laboratories.


  • Formaldehyde (HCHO) – non-destructive testing – immediate results
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) including benzene, toluene
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Respirable Dust Particles in PM2.5 (fine) and PM10 (coarse) size regimes
  • Oxygen Levels (where applicable)
  • HEPA Filtration, MERV rating and other air purifier efficiency metrics
  • Relative ventilation levels – critical to know in newer homes that are built “tight” for energy efficiency


  • Mold Assessment Consulting (MAC licensed by the State of Texas)
  • Radon Rn-222 Levels (known alpha emitter lung carcinogen)
  • Forensic laboratory field testing (air grab, bulk, tape lift, swab / wipe, etc.) where required for ETS, (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) meth lab cleanups, etc.
  • Particulate counts by size group: 0.3 um, 0.5 um, 1.0 um, 2.5 um, 5 um, 10 um
  • Ozone gas levels and hydrogen sulfide (associated with sewer gas leaks)
  • Positive / negative air pressure checks to confirm tendency for contamination

along with atmospheric factors such as:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure (to judge whether the structure is under positive or negative pressure with respect to the outside air)

and for commercial applications such as HVAC metrics, we can also measure:

  • Absolute Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Mixing Ratio
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Heat Stress (WBGT) & Heat Index Factors

Wet Bulb Globe Temperature vs. Heat Index NOAA Weather

Historical Weather Link

More detailed information on factors influencing indoor formaldehyde levels are discussed here:

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5 thoughts on “Mold – Formaldehyde – Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing and Mold Inspection / Consulting Services”

  1. Wanting to know what your charge is to test the formaldehyde levels in my travel trailer? I live in Ft. Worth.

  2. Mr. Gonzalez,

    I do test for formaldehyde as well as other VOCs, mold and indoor air quality, but due to demand for my services, my rates and clientele are now all commercial.

    JAG of ScanTech

  3. I need the indoor air quality tested in my apartment for Formaldehyde and VOC’s. I had to move to a hotel because I was nauseous and had headaches. Can you help me ASAP?

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