Infrared Ultraviolet Photography Ultrasonic Infrasonic Recording

Infrared Ultraviolet Photography Ultrasonic Infrasonic Recording

Near infrared photography is useful in a variety of applications such as agriculture studies, camouflage detection, documentation verification & identification, art authentication, gothic photography and land use studies. ScanTech has experience with near-IR photography and is available for consultations and imaging assignments.

Infrared Photo Abandoned Home Scantech Photography 200 high

Infrared Image Human

Ultraviolet Photography

Ultraviolet photography is used in a number of forensic applications such as crime scene investigation, (detection of fingerprints, body fluids, etc.) skin examinations, military arctic vision, methanol fire detection and corona imaging for high-voltage transmission lines.

 Ultrasonic / Infrasonic Sound & Recording

Ultrasonic listening equipment can be used in mechanical diagnosis, determination of gas and fluid leaks, electrical arcing / corona issues and vibration studies as well as animal communication.

Infrasonic sound recording is used in limited capacity for animal studies (elephant & giraffe communication) and psycho-acoustic studies.


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