Residential & Homeowner Services NOT AVAILABLE


Dear Residential & Other Homeowners,

It was not an easy decision to make to move away from your market sector for the following reasons:

1) Most of my residential clients are VERY nice people and I don’t like turning away individuals who are concerned about an issue that is difficult to get the straight truth on and has a lot of conflicting opinions on the Internet.

2) It does feel rewarding in a manner that is different than commercial work. I’ve had housewives and other family members thank me for coming over because they were actually losing sleep and only by employing ScanTech could they get the educated and balanced answers they were looking for.

3) What amazed me is how many people seemed very comfortable with me in their home. If they did not accompany me, (which was surprisingly common) I always asked: “Are there any areas of the house where you do not want me to go?” Even with their pets and young children in other rooms by themselves, they would say: “Go wherever you need in order to complete your survey.” I still think back on that and am gratified that I engendered such trust immediately in others and I NEVER had a problem or a complaint about my services. Not many YELP reviews either, but that is okay.

4) What also impresses me is how gracefully the announcement was taken. No one has written angry emails, said bad things about me on the Internet, called me and cussed me out; none of that.

5) I try to give people the short answer of: “Save your money and don’t worry about EMF, cell phones, etc. ” but often no one wants to hear that. The only way I can convince them is to show up, take the readings and then demonstrate what I am talking about and then accept their money.

6) I am not announcing a reversal of my decision, but I am trying to come up with a valid system that works for everyone.


PLEASE do NOT call or otherwise contact me if you are a homeowner, rental occupant, etc. who either wants to “Just ask a few questions” (it always turns into a 45 minute + conversation) or “Who do you recommend?” (EMF consultants are rare in most parts of the USA and I don’t keep a directory at this juncture)

For over 2 years this has posted right under the phone number, but I still get periodic calls or requests through the Comments section of the website.

BTW, this includes tenants of apartments, condos, huge mansions, etc.

So UNLESS you are an actual commercial company – PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR CONTACT ME.

The reasons for this are simple:

1) Insufficient time to take these calls; especially with the volume of telemarketers calling on my line wanting to offer me a loan, buy my company, etc.

2) You are probably interrupting work or I am on the other line with a paying client or some other task that requires focus.

3) There is a pandemic going on and I am not going to risk either my health or yours (and the liability that comes with it) unless it is inside the scope of a company that has established policies for CoViD-19. (abbreviated as C19 hereafter)

The fact that you are concerned about EMF at this juncture in history blows my mind. We have just crossed 2,100,000 deaths due to C19 in about a year while the fatality rate due to EMF as far as I can tell is ZERO. Then again, I have found that people tend to have an upside down view of risk assessment.

As for the most common questions:

1) “Can you please just answer a few questions about EMF, air quality, etc.?”

2) “Is there a service provider in my area?”

No, I can’t.

A1) I cannot afford to work or consult for free, nor should I be asked to. Do you call doctors expecting free medical advice? It is also a liability exposure to my company just as it would be for them. For commercial companies I can spend an appropriate amount of time interviewing to see if it is a job that falls inside my normal scope of work / project schedule and is feasible to engage in.

A2) Regarding if there is a service provider in your area, EMF consultants are pretty rare and most of them are on the West Coast in California and there are a few on the East Coast. I have requests for “Who can measure EMF in [insert random small town in the middle of nowhere]?” or other regions and my answers for that are:

  • I can’t track every company or consultant that may or may not perform EMF / indoor air quality consultations, etc. and I likely cannot offer an opinion as to whether they can help you. This also could expose ScanTech to liability.
  • I’m not a search engine or referral service. Google gets paid to do that, not ScanTech.
  • I am not employed as a receptionist for other companies that may or may not be able to provide services.
  • There is already a webpage resource that I have spent a long time developing as a free resource and I don’t like having to repeat something I have already written.

It is located here:

EMF Safety and Survey Testing – RF Measurements – Commercial Inspection & FAQ Page

The final straw came when someone called me and started in with:

“I know your website says that you don’t do residential, but I thought that was just temporary and you might be available now.”

Then there was the clueless lady who called at 8 PM on a Saturday night and asked if she could intern with my company.


I mean I don’t do residential and I am not hiring; period.

So thanks to dense humans like this, I have written an entire page and typed slowly to explain the position of ScanTech.

Stay Well and Please Don’t Call!